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Using Glass Mirrors to Beautify Your Garden

Filed under: Mirrors - 15 May 2016

Although not very common, there is a place for glass outdoors! Glass is strong and durable, but is fragile and brittle at the same time. This contrast, when presented against the natural “rough outdoors” feeling of a garden, can …

Are Antique Mirrors Making a Comeback?

Filed under: Mirrors - 15 Apr 2016

Homeowners always want their furniture and choice of decor to reflect their personality and unique stylistic taste. Glass is one such way that this can be accomplished. From mirrors and table coverings  to stained windows and frosted shower doors, …

Creative Ways to Use a Framed Mirror

Filed under: Mirrors - 07 Apr 2015

While some homes embrace the additional space and reflective feel produced by carefully placed artistic mirrors, others have yet to embrace the full spectrum of what a masterfully crafted framed mirror can bring to a room.

Mirror Television: The Magic Mirror

Filed under: Mirrors - 23 Mar 2015

As curious creatures we are constantly on the look out for the next piece of technology that will significantly improve our lives. We rarely hesitate to download the latest update for our computers, phones, iPads, televisions, and video games, and …

About Custom Glass

Filed under: Mirrors - 10 Nov 2014

About Custom Glass - House of Mirrors - Custom Glass CalgaryHave you been considering adding more glass to your home? Do you want to go further than simply installing more windows or …

How Mirrors Can Accentuate Your Home

Filed under: Mirrors - 15 Oct 2014


Some people aren’t aware of the value that a well-placed mirror or glass piece can add to your home. It can help to create a larger feel for your living room …

Add Value to Your Home With an Antique Mirror

Filed under: Mirrors - 15 Jun 2014

antique mirror

Adding mirrors to your home is a great way to create the impression of additional space, while also providing your own personal touch. Mirrors add significant value to your home …