Use Back-Painted Glass as a Feature Wall In Your Home

Use Back-Painted Glass as a Feature Wall In Your Home - House of Mirrors - Back Painted Glass calgary

You May Have Heard the Term “Feature Wall” when talking about interior design. Feature walls are walls that accent a space by being either the most heavily decorated (with pictures, wallpaper, a bookshelf, etc.) or the most textured, using wood or bricks. But one idea many people don’t consider is using back-painted glass as a feature wall in their space.

 Back-painted glass is a multi-purposeful design option that can be made in virtually any colour. It is glossy and reflective, which is the perfect compliment to a matte, neutral-coloured paint. These walls look great when built along the outline of a fireplace, or as built-in shelving or nooks. The design is quite minimalist but still adds a modern, clean flair to the space.

 Glass is durable and easy to clean, which makes glass a great option with kids. The glass can even act as a whiteboard for kids to paint or use markers on the glass, without fear of damaging the wall. Glass is also great to use as a backsplash in the kitchen as it is infinitely easier to clean than tile.

 In the Kitchen, in addition to being used as backsplash, you can use a dark back-painted glass wall with chalk pens as a message board in the kitchen. Use it to plan out recipes for the week, or leave memos for your family. Your back-painted glass wall could be your main communication station for a busy house, or a quiet place to leave messages for your partner.

 Back painted glass is perfect for merging practical design and beautiful features for your next renovation. Call us at (403) 253-3777 or come to our showroom to have a chat about the possibilities of back-painted glass in your home or office.