Creating a Chic Collaborative Workspace With Back Painted Glass

Your office environment will directly assist or hinder your employees relationships, depending on the type of office you work in. Concrete, utilitarian designs are not fun places to spend eight hours a day. Research shows that people are happier when objects in their environment are not just purposeful, but also beautiful. This is the idea behind our back painted glass walls for use in your office’s most collaborative spaces.

Creating a Chic Collaborative Workspace With Back Painted Glass - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

All the Room In The World is yours when your ideas aren’t confined to a whiteboard. Back painted glass replaces a whiteboard with an entire wall of workspace. The surface area to brainstorm is much greater, allowing more people to work at the same time. Back painted glass can be used for teambuilding activities or to manage a shared calendar. For example; use it in your office lobby for guests to write testimonials, or in a common space to write a weekly team message.

Transformable Design hides the workspace whenever you want. Your brainstorms are fully erasable when you are joined by guests for a meeting. Using glass cleaner, the wall looks better than a smudgy white board. Simply wipe with glass clean and your workspace is gone. Your meeting room will be the same once more, and the glass will add a chic feature to the space.

When You Have a Big Team but a Tiny Office, back painted glass is essential. If, like many offices, you have one multipurpose space, back painted glass is a versatile tool to use when you want to run a workshop or give a presentation. Workplaces should be flexible environments that welcome collaboration. Having a beautiful and well designed environment to work in benefits your team, and looks fabulous.

Get rid of the traditional easel in your boardroom and use back painted glass for your brainstorming sessions. Check out our beautiful office glass chic online or come visit our Calgary showroom for more office inspiration.