3 Reasons to Trade Your Shower Curtains for the Spa-Like Feeling of Glass Panels

Whether you’re styling a new bathroom from scratch or updating one from the 90s, your shower is the first thing you should start with. A new shower will change your bathroom’s look more than a new toilet or sink. Trendy, modern homes have big showers enclosed by glass that are easy to clean and look fabulous. Here are a few reasons to ditch your shower curtains and go for glass.

3 Reasons to Trade Your Shower Curtains for the Spa-Like Feeling of Glass Panels - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

They Won’t Need Frequent Replacing because glass panels are easy to clean. Frameless design means that glass panels will suit existing decor, without the need to re-style your space. The polka-dot pattern was fun for a while, but when leftover shampoo and conditioner starts to build up in the folds of an old shower curtain, you need something better, and that’s glass.

An Awkward Corner can be difficult in bathrooms, as room gets lost in small spaces. But, with glass panels, a shower looks unique and modern in a corner or under a slanted roof. Where other shower designs look awkward and poorly put together, glass looks great in corners. It allows you to take advantage of lost space in your bathroom, or frees up space to make a bigger, more luxurious shower!

Custom Sandblast Designs are unique designs we add to glass for a partially-frosted look. If you like the look of glass, but want a design that compliments the space, then add a custom sandblast design to your shower doors for a bit of flair. Additionally, the frosting can allow you more privacy by partially or completely covering the outside of the shower.

By getting rid of your vinyl shower curtains and old tile you’re taking the first step to a chic and easy-to-maintain bathroom. A glass enclosure can transform your bathroom to feel like you’re in a spa every day. Check out some of our beautiful glass shower on our website or give us a call at (403) 253-3777 to learn more about Calgary’s own House of Mirrors and what we can create for you.