Creating an Open Staircase with Interior Glass Railings

Stairways are one of the most iconic aspects of a two-storey household. Many staircases can feel cramped and claustrophobic, especially if shadowed on both sides by solid drywall. To make your staircase really stand out, you can opt for an open staircase with interior glass railings.


Open and Free

Glass’s transparency is one of its most useful and versatile attributes. It has the ability to provide a closed room with a feeling of vast expansion and openness, and can do the same for your cramped stairway. Introducing glass railings can help your staircase feel larger than it actually is, and help connect it to the rest of your home. Glass also allows much more light into your stairway, brightening your entire household as a result.

Household Design

Although interior glass railings on stairways are a relatively new idea, they have been quickly accepted and are now seen as a top choice in home design and decor. The railing’s main purpose is to simply prevent people from falling off the sides, but that doesn’t mean that it has to look dry and boring. Glass railings are excellent for giving off a high class and elegant feel to guests, and help to modernize your home and living space. Glass is able to get along with just about any other household decoration or wall designs, meaning you can apply it in just about every circumstance.

A Safe Option

Many people become concerned about the hazards that glass railing can bring. However, modern tempered glass is carefully created to ensure maximum strength and safety. Glass edges are covered with a round metal finish to prevent people from cutting themselves on the otherwise sharp surfaces, and the glass itself is reinforced to withstand weight from leaning. Glass railings are safely used in malls and offices everywhere, where they have to deal with many times more people on a daily basis than in your home. Because of its durability and smoothness, a glass railing will also prove extremely sturdy and easy to clean, meaning it will look great even years down the road.

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