Using Glass Mirrors to Beautify Your Garden

Although not very common, there is a place for glass outdoors! Glass is strong and durable, but is fragile and brittle at the same time. This contrast, when presented against the natural “rough outdoors” feeling of a garden, can help show off your unique and stylish taste in decoration. If you’re worried that a garden is no place for glass, remember that almost all of us use glass windows, which shield us from snow, wind, and rain all the time!

Using Glass Mirrors to Beautify Your Garden - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Quality Matters

When looking to buy a mirror for outdoor use, you’ll want to pay special attention to the finish along the edges. They must be well sealed to prevent bugs from flying in and to stop moisture from accumulating inside. Also keep in mind that the paint on the mirror’s frame can chip and discolour over time. Make sure to pay attention to these details to ensure that your mirror lasts.

Multitude of Uses

Proper use of an outdoor mirror can be tricky! Non-ideal placement can go as far as damaging your garden’s aesthetic, so it’s important to get it just right. The most popular way mirrors are used involves giving an area the illusion of being larger than it actually is. If you’ve done it right, ¬†looking into a mirror can feel like you’re looking through a window into another section of the garden. Get in touch with your creative side and try to distort the boundary between illusion and reality. By placing the mirror strategically, you can also emphasize certain areas, such as a flower bed, that you would like to show off. Finally, mirrors can be used to cast more light into otherwise darker corners of your yard. However, be careful when placing the mirror in direct sunlight. Focused light rays can substantially heat up an area and even become a fire hazard.

We know of all the different ways that mirrors can be used indoors, but our options only expand when looking at how to use them outdoors! How strong of an effect your mirror will have will depend entirely on where and how you place it. If you’re looking to find a beautiful new mirror for your garden, give House of Mirrors a call at (403)253-3777 today!