Guide to Streak Free Glass Cleaning

Glass surfaces can be some of the most tedious surfaces to keep consistently clean and streak-free. An extra dirty mirror or window can require several scrubbings before significant progress is seen, and several more scrubbings to get all the tiny spots out. Here are some ways in which you can give your glass a better clean while expending less energy.

Guide to Streak Free Glass Cleaning - House of Mirrors - Glass and Mirrors Calgary

Use a Proper Cleaner

Most times, we don’t really think about what’s in the solutions we’re using to clean glass. Store bought glass cleaners are fine, but might be overly concentrated or too diluted. Take some extra time while browsing for a glass cleaner to read what’s inside of it. A streak free clean relies on having all the details right, which starts with a good cleaning solution. If you prefer to create your own, make sure you’re using distilled water, as regular tap water contains minerals and other chemical ions that can cause that leave behinds streaks.

Consider Your Cloth

Some people may find a certain cloth works best for their cleaning needs. However, keep in mind that when it comes to cleaning cloths, there’s no jack of all trades cloth that can do everything. For example, while a paper towel works wonders for spills on the kitchen counter, it has a rough time on glass surfaces. Tiny paper fibers can easily get caught on the wet surface, and removing them can become its own challenge. Look instead to a microfiber cloth for wiping glass surfaces. These are much better at absorbing moisture and won’t leave tiny fibers behind.

The Finishing Touch

Even with your best efforts and the right tools, sometimes streaks still happen. In these scenarios, a quick polish is an excellent way to finish off the job and finally get that streak free shine you’ve worked so hard for. Again, a microfiber cloth would work best, but a regular old rag can also work for this. You can use a tiny bit of cleaning solution, or even just keep the rag dry. Rub the streaked area gently in a circular motion until the streak starts to fade. Do this at the very end of your cleaning to make sure you aren’t creating new streaks as you remove them.

You’ve done it! With some good old fashioned hard work, that speckled coffee table or grimy mirror has become as shiny as it was the day you brought it home. Have any questions about glass, or looking to introduce a new piece of glass to your home? Come to House of Mirror’s showroom to find a piece that will work best in your house, or give us a call today at (403)253-3777