Are Antique Mirrors Making a Comeback?

Homeowners always want their furniture and choice of decor to reflect their personality and unique stylistic taste. Glass is one such way that this can be accomplished. From mirrors and table coverings  to stained windows and frosted shower doors, glass can be used in all corners of the household. In order to make sure that your home stands out, consider adding an antique mirror!

Are Antique Mirrors Making a Comeback? - House of Mirrors - Antique Mirrors Calgary

A Brief History

Antique mirrors, originally known as “looking glasses”, were first created back in the 16th century, but didn’t arrive in England until the 17th century. The technology needed to make larger mirrors wasn’t available back then, so small mirrors were made individually then pieced together in order to form a larger one. It wasn’t until the 18th century that larger plates were able to be produced, adding new decorative forms into the market. The design of the mirrors changed drastically between the 18th and 19th centuries, from carved wooden designs to the more polished finish characteristic to the Victorian Period.

They’re Unique

Antique mirrors are called that for a reason: they have a history and are one of a kind. Even newer ones can still provide a room with that unique ambiance that you’re looking for. Their ability to provide an extra element of surprise is what really sets antique mirrors apart. In today’s modern household we’re use to seeing shiny metallic themes with well defined features and trimmed edges. A well placed antique mirror with a bronze coloured or wooden design can really wow your guests and set your home apart from the others.

They’re Functional

Just because a mirror is antique doesn’t mean it’s only useful as a design piece. Just like any other mirror, they’re excellent at redistributing light, emphasizing decorations, and giving a room depth. Looking to redesign your living room or bedroom with a Victorian Era style theme? An antique mirror is a great way of both achieving this while also remaining perfectly functional.

Sometimes the best way for a modern home design to stand out is to take a step back and look to history for ideas. Antique mirrors offer homeowners a chance to peer into the past and experience how life might’ve been in a fancy house of nobles. Looking to introduce a beautiful new mirror or glass piece into your home? Give House of Mirrors a call at (403)253-3777 today!