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7 Fun Facts About Glass

Filed under: Glass in General - 27 Oct 2011

At House of Mirrors, we’re used to answering questions about glass shower doors, wall-length mirrors, and framing. But not everything we know about glass has to do with using it on new and renovated homes. Here are a …

Is There Really Such a Thing as a Premium Glass Dealer?

Filed under: Premium Glass - 20 Oct 2011

We’ll come clean: we love glass and mirrors. For us, there’s just something about the way it looks, and what it can add to your home, that makes us happy to work with it.

But does that really make us …

Take Some of the Risks Out of Life With Safety Glass

Filed under: Safety glass - 13 Oct 2011

Did you know that the glass in your windshield and car windows isn’t the same as a lot of other types of glass you might see? For a lot of people, the differences are invisible, but they’ll be glad to …