Use Back-Painted Glass as a Feature Wall In Your Home

08 Aug 2016

Use Back-Painted Glass as a Feature Wall In Your Home - House of Mirrors - Back Painted Glass calgary

You May Have Heard the Term “Feature Wall” when talking about interior design. Feature walls are walls that accent a space by being either the most heavily decorated (with pictures, wallpaper, a bookshelf, etc.) or the most textured, using wood or bricks. But one idea many people don’t consider is using back-painted glass as a feature wall in their space.

 Back-painted glass is a multi-purposeful design option that can be …

No More Curtains or Blinds, The Future is Switchable Smart Film

01 Aug 2016

No More Curtains or Blinds, The Future is Switchable Smart Film - House of Mirrors - Switchable films calgary

Have you ever been stuck deciding between a frosted glass for privacy or a regular glass panel? Or struggling to find curtains that still make your home feel simplistic and modern? Imagine having glass that could do all those things. This is the inspiration behind Smart Film. It’s glass that morphs from transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch.

 It Looks Like Magic, but it’s actually some rather sophisticated science …

Creating a Chic Collaborative Workspace With Back Painted Glass

11 Jul 2016

Your office environment will directly assist or hinder your employees relationships, depending on the type of office you work in. Concrete, utilitarian designs are not fun places to spend eight hours a day. Research shows that people are happier when objects in their environment are not just purposeful, but also beautiful. This is the idea behind our back painted glass walls for use in your office’s most collaborative spaces.

Creating a Chic Collaborative Workspace With Back Painted Glass - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

All the Room …

3 Reasons to Trade Your Shower Curtains for the Spa-Like Feeling of Glass Panels

04 Jul 2016

Whether you’re styling a new bathroom from scratch or updating one from the 90s, your shower is the first thing you should start with. A new shower will change your bathroom’s look more than a new toilet or sink. Trendy, modern homes have big showers enclosed by glass that are easy to clean and look fabulous. Here are a few reasons to ditch your shower curtains and go for glass.

Creating an Open Staircase with Interior Glass Railings

20 Jun 2016

Stairways are one of the most iconic aspects of a two-storey household. Many staircases can feel cramped and claustrophobic, especially if shadowed on both sides by solid drywall. To make your staircase really stand out, you can opt for an open staircase with interior glass railings.


Open and Free

Glass’s transparency is one of its most useful and versatile attributes. It has the ability to provide a closed room with a feeling of vast expansion and openness, and can do the same for your cramped stairway. Introducing glass railings can …

Using Interior Glass Panels to Bring in More Natural Light

06 Jun 2016

Office spaces have modernized extremely quickly over the past decade and have turned from grey and drab cubicles into brightly lit and collaborative work environments. Despite this rapid evolution, many offices still have pockets of darkness where natural light can’t quite reach. In these situations, an interior glass panel might be just what is needed to solve the issue.

Using Interior Glass Panels to Bring in More Natural Light - House of Mirros - Mirrors and Glass Calgary

Benefits of Natural Light

While artificial light works fine, nothing can beat the …

Using Glass Mirrors to Beautify Your Garden

15 May 2016

Although not very common, there is a place for glass outdoors! Glass is strong and durable, but is fragile and brittle at the same time. This contrast, when presented against the natural “rough outdoors” feeling of a garden, can help show off your unique and stylish taste in decoration. If you’re worried that a garden is no place for glass, remember that almost all of us use glass windows, which shield us from snow, wind, and rain all the time!

Guide to Streak Free Glass Cleaning

01 May 2016

Glass surfaces can be some of the most tedious surfaces to keep consistently clean and streak-free. An extra dirty mirror or window can require several scrubbings before significant progress is seen, and several more scrubbings to get all the tiny spots out. Here are some ways in which you can give your glass a better clean while expending less energy.

Guide to Streak Free Glass Cleaning - House of Mirrors - Glass and Mirrors Calgary

Use a Proper Cleaner

Most times, we don’t really think about what’s in the solutions we’re …

Are Antique Mirrors Making a Comeback?

15 Apr 2016

Homeowners always want their furniture and choice of decor to reflect their personality and unique stylistic taste. Glass is one such way that this can be accomplished. From mirrors and table coverings  to stained windows and frosted shower doors, glass can be used in all corners of the household. In order to make sure that your home stands out, consider adding an antique mirror!

Are Antique Mirrors Making a Comeback? - House of Mirrors - Antique Mirrors Calgary

A Brief History

Antique mirrors, originally known as “looking glasses”, were first created …

How to Use Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

01 Apr 2016

Glass is a must have in any modern home. Its unique aesthetic feel and transparency make it a great addition to virtually any room in your house, and its durability and toughness can keep it in excellent condition for a long time. In particular, mirrors are a necessity to any bathroom, but did you know there are a multitude of other ways they can be used to decorate your home?

How to Use Mirrors to Decorate Your Home - House of Mirrors - Custom Cut Glass Calgary

Make Small Rooms Bigger…

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