Why you Should Consider Switchable Film for your Office Space

Switchable film is a product that can be placed over a glass surface and adjust the amount of light that is allowed to pass through it. It can be ¬†easily installed on existing windows or other glass surfaces and its light varying capabilities make it ideal for adjusting light levels, keeping privacy, and even blocking harmful UV radiation. This makes it great in any office space for creating temporary meeting spaces or blocking excess sunlight on sunny days. Here’s some more about why you should consider adding switchable film into your office!

Why you Should Consider Switchable Film for your Office Space - House of Mirrors - Custom Glass Frames Calgary


Although switchable films in the past required some setup, switchable films today can be easily added to any existing surface using an adhesive. The film can be controlled with the click of a button or even through your smart phone. There are many different films out on the market, each serving its own special purpose. Most feature the ability to switch between transparent to opaque, or from clear to frosted. This ability lets switchable films take on a multitude of different uses. For example they can be used as a removable projection screen which is great for giving corporate presentations or watching videos. Applying the films to windows lets you block excess sunlight on particularly sunny days, or lets you allow more light in on more dreary ones. If you’re having a one on one meeting and feel like you need more privacy, you can easily turn your office into a meeting space with the flick of a switch. During other times when collaboration is encouraged, switchable films can be turned off to create a will lit work environment.


Not only are switchable films functional, they can also add a modern feel to your office space by offering a next generation alternative to blinds or curtains. Being remote controllable allows you to have a greater level of control over what you want your office to look like, whether that be shaded for video presentations or well lit to encourage productivity. While curtain fabrics can become tattered and blinds can end up dusty, switchable films can be cleaned with ease, keeping your office space clean and bright.

Switchable films are an innovative and functional product that are accessible by everyone. They are easily installed without needing any rearranging of preexisting glass surfaces, and they add a wow factor to your office place. Still not convinced? Give House of Mirrors a call at (403)253-3777 or visit us today to browse our wide selection of custom glass frames and pieces that we have available!